Tantra is a tool to create presence and build your inner strength and zest for life.

Tantra treatments are about you concretizing your intention, experiencing tantric rituals as well as learning conscious touch techniques that awaken, relax and / or open your body and open your heart in authenticity with all your basic emotions.

In short – you must be 100% yourself!

Get better at feeling yourself and stand by what you feel. Your feelings and thoughts are okay. It gets easier when you express them.

A course with me is an effective push, where you focus on the changes you can create and get new concrete tools.

The purpose is to restore a relaxed body awareness and a natural relationship to your body and all your basic emotions (including sexuality).

You get in depth by training your presence, your self-esteem and you discover how to restore balance in your private and professional life.

  • You should choose a tantra treatment when you:
  • Has difficulty opening up to the feminine / masculine aspects of working life / private life / sex life.
  • have difficulty feeling the body. It is numb and / or boundless.
  • have low or no sex drive.
  • have a hard time loving your body or parts of your body (body hatred). This can occur in connection with the course of the disease, amputations (of eg legs, breast), grief / loss, divorce.
  • live a controlled life – have difficulty letting go, giving in and / or surrendering.
For booking:
Please contact me: + 45 31 24 10 54